Yvette Doudle, Goddess Workshops

A deep soul journey to retrieve and integrate aspects of self which may have been lost, fragmented, trapped or disconnected due to shock and trauma, from this lifetime or past lives and experiences.

For those who feel like something is missing within themselves or that they have ’lost’ a part of themselves through a trauma, loss, relationship or an event. Soul retrieval can assist in reintegrating those parts of self, to return to a deeper level of fulfillment.

Through soul retrieval many people experience the reclaiming of personal power, dissolving of emotional entanglements and energy from the past, greater understanding of self, integration, and a deeper level of self love and acceptance.

Sessions are conducted in a nurturing and supportive environment to facilitate deep soul healing.

Duration 1 hour - $150 USD

"She has a gift of tapping in to your past lives in her healings and approaches the letting go experience in a magical and gentle manner. I highly recommend seeing Yvette for healings and experiencing her presence. I look forward to future connections with this lovely woman."

Kristy Jane

Yvette Doudle