Yvette Doudle, Goddess Workshops

Psychic surgery is the removal of energetic blockages, entities and implants which may be creating disharmony and imbalance within the auric field. This is a channeled healing process where divine guidance is taken to clear and remove the energy.

Each session is unique and individual. An energy balance, alignment and auric massage is also given as part of the healing process.

Duration 1 hour - $150 USD

"Yvette came highly recommended to me by a friend I trust .. As I am very cautious about who I let do healings on me .. Well I was blown away to say the least, Yvette is now my only Healer I trust her impeccably. The healings and workshops I have done with her since knowing her have absolutely turned my life around 110% and expanded my wisdom..

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Yvette to anyone.. You are in really good hands.."

Chris - Psychic Medium

Yvette Doudle